About us

  Juli Lester has spent her entire life in the Glendale area.  As a seventeen year old high school student she volunteered for a day at a rehabilitation center that served children with profound developmental disabilities.  “By the end of the day I was hooked!” she says.  “There was nothing else I could imagine myself doing.”  

The following day she received a phone call from the rehabilitation supervisor offering her a full-time job.  “I gladly accepted and spent the next nineteen years of my life there.  I was hired as an aid/driver and worked my way up to Director of Day Program Operations, where I managed a staff of 35 while serving 140 clients.”    
Eventually, Juli had a calling to open her own agency.  “Trilogy Inc. was established with one goal in mind; to provide a loving home for someone special in my life.”  Juli opened a group home for one of her clients who needed a new living arrangement.  
 Juli also opened a DTA (Day Treatment and Training - Adult) program in the Northwest Valley. This program has served adults with developmental disabilities for over 34 years now. 
Trilogy Inc is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Trilogy, Inc. also provides transportation to clients who desire it.      

Specifics about Trilogy and the DTA Program:

2701 W GROVERS AVE #100
602-595-5205 - Office
602-550-2261 - Cell

Trilogy Inc. provides exemplary care and service to clients, family and community.
Clients of Trilogy Inc. receive training and education on a daily basis in various skills such as life skills, self-help, consumer, computer, health, fitness and recreation. Clients are encouraged to take ownership of their programs by being actively involved in decision making, establishing personal goals, planning schedules and activities. We believe that in order to successfully serve the client you must also serve the family. Our specialties will include:

We are founded on Christian principles of loving and serving others and we are a
Family owned business.

Small Program Size
We intend to keep the size of our program small so that it remains a
close, family-like atmosphere where clients receive individualized attention, care,
and service.

Community Volunteer Work
We will give clients ample opportunities to participate in community volunteer work. This will include seeking to serve needs of clients and their families, as well as larger community service organizations. In this way clients will gain fulfillment and satisfaction while at the same time helping those in the community around us.

Health and Fitness
We will educate clients in the importance of making healthy choices in diet, and
continually encourage clients to participate in physical activities.

Positive Relationships
We will build close, positive relationships with the client and their family in order
to provide a high level of service and creative learning objectives.

All services are accredited and funded by the State of Arizona Division of Developmental Disabilities, for those clients who are qualified for these services.  Additionally, Trilogy will accept private pay from those who have not been qualified by the state.

“I have dedicated my life to serving individuals with developmental disabilities, as well as their families.” says Juli.  “I want all individuals with disabilities to have a peaceful environment in which they are loved, nurtured, encouraged, and respected.  I want them to feel ownership within their environment.  Above all I want them to be happy and feel safe.” 

Juli Buck, President